Pareu | Noio - emerald

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100% cotton | ʻĀina-friendly | Designed in Hawaiʻi | Made in the USA

The noio, a.k.a. black noddy or Anous minutus, is an indigenous seabird found in Hawaiʻi and throughout the tropics. The two subspecies in Hawaiʻi are A. s. melanogenys in the main Hawaiian Islands and A. s. marcusi in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands. Also called laehina (white brow), the white feathers of the noio's head contrast with the black feathers of its body. These two-toned beauties nest in rocky ledges, caves, sea cliffs and sometimes trees. They leave the comfort of their nests during the day to hunt on the open ocean where they feed on small fish driven to the surface by schools of larger predatory fish such as aku (bonito). Thus, their presence at sea shows fisherman where they might get lucky and signals to navigators that land is near. The largest populations of noio are on Nihoa and Midway, as there are no rats or cats - the alien predators that trouble them on the main islands. In the creation chant known as Kumulipo, the noio is paired with the illustrious ʻio (the Hawaiian hawk). In metaphor, a wise person is likened to the noio (see ʻŌlelo Noʻeau 844), inspiring the ʻōlelo seen here: Ke ʻaʻe aʻela i nā ʻale o ke kai loa - Treading the billows of the distant sea.

ancestors when they navigated the great expanse of Kanaloa.

He hōkū alakaʻi no ke ao - A guiding star of the day.