Ekaha | Kahikiku Aloha Shirt - ALL SALES FINAL

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100% Organic cotton | Eco-friendly | Designed in Hawaiʻi | Made in the USA

The interconnected nature of the aina (land) and the kai (sea) is best represented in the wisdom of the Kumulipo, which pairs plants and animals in these two realms. This extensive Hawaiian chant of creation tells us the ekaha is born in the sea and is guarded by the ekahakaha living on land. Ekaha ku moana, or black coral, is a symbol of strength and beauty. Hawaii's waters are home to 15 species of black corals, many of which have been historically overharvested. This reminds us of the fragility of all coral reefs and how waterways intimately link them to the rainforests that are home to ekaha ferns (Asplenium nidus and Elaphoglossum species). This relationship hangs in a tenuous balance constantly challenged by human activity. To support the work that helps keep these connected habitats healthy, Kealopiko and Hawaiian Airlines have partnered on this design project and dedicate a portion of the profits to Kuaaina Ulu Auamo (KUA). Creative collaborations that support malama aina efforts give us hope for the future of our precious natural resources.