Ka Waʻa Kaulua | Notched Baggie - ALL SALES FINAL

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Baggie top | Notched neckline | Short sleeves | Small gathers at shoulders | 100% woven cotton | Designed in Hawaiʻi | Manufactured in the USA

The waa kaulua defines our origins as Hawaiian people. Chiefess Luukia voyaged with her husband Olopana to Tahiti and took chief Moikeha as a punalua (second husband). After hearing a false rumor that Moikeha had publicly insulted her womanly parts, she bound herself in cordage, navel to mid thighs, never sharing herself with him again. This lashing, ka pau o Luukia (Luukia's skirt), is used on canoes and water gourds to this day. Heartbroken, Moikeha sailed to Hawaii. His sons Laamaikahiki and Kila made multiple trips between the two island groups. Laa brought the kaekeeke and certain hula to Hawaii. The voyages of our ancestors shaped our practices, relationships, and genealogies. Relationships are still central to voyaging. During Makalii's recent voyage to Nihoa and Mokumanamana, this ohana strengthened their relationship to aina (that which sustains) by provisioning their canoe entirely with food grown and caught in Hawaii. Through oli (chant) and protocol they strengthened their relationships to the elements and those they petitioned for guidance and protection. We dedicate this design to them and to our dear friend Dean Kealoha Hoe, a voyager whose generosity and aloha lives on in all those whose lives he touched. E ola!