Lupe | Tube Skirt x Dress - ALL SALES FINAL

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Worn as a skirt or a dress | Organic cotton & lycra | Eco-friendly dye methods | Designed in Hawaii | Made in the USA

Pa mai, pa mai ka makani o Hilo! O ka ipu nui, lawea mai! O ka ipu iki waiho aku! Blow, blow, wind of Hilo! Bring the big gourd and leave the small one! That is how to raise the wind for kite-flying, which was a fun activity in olden times, but also a way to fish and a tool used by kahuna. Lolupe is the god whose form is a kite. He was called upon to ensnare spirits trying to harm chiefs or to transform the ruling chief into a deified ancestor after death. Death could have been the outcome for the girl who bet her bones in a kite-flying contest, but her newfound friend, Mailekaluhea, donned a magical feather cape and flew high in the sky like a kite. This won the bet, saved the girl's life, and Wailupe became the new name of the land where this famed contest took place. Kites were made from kapa and light woods (like ohe and hau) and the string was made of olona. Mary Kawena Pukui identifies certain main kite shapes (lupe la, lupe mahina, lupe manu, lupe maoli) and specific names for the hanai (body shape) of kites are found in the stories of our kupuna.

E nai ana i ka poiuiu - Reaching the highest heights.