Kalehuawehe - Hōʻeuʻeu | Unisex Tee

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100% Organic cotton | Unisex tee | Designed in Hawaiʻi nei | Made in the USA

Hee nalu (surfing), an ancient sport that chiefs and everyday people practiced with certain loina (rules or behavioral norms) has been adopted by the world. Hawaiʻi received 10.4 million tourists last year, many of whom surf or tried it out while here. This high volume of visitors takes a heavy toll on nearshore ecosystems. During ke kau malihini ole (lockdown 2020), the people of Hawaii enjoyed surf spots without the normal crowds. Seaweed, fish, and other lahui (species) began to rebound, reminding us of why our kūpuna mandated rest periods for places and resources. Let us further restore the mana of these places by using their traditional names. Waikiki, the most heavily surfed area of Hawaii, has many names that ALL of us can use. When we say them, we invoke our history and the ancestors who surfed these spots long before us.