Hinahanaiakamalama | Gaucho Pants - ALL SALES FINAL

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Organic cotton & Lycra | Stretchy band at waist | Pant leg hits above ankle | Worn low or high | Designed in Hawaii | Made in the USA

 There are many mana (versions) of the story of Hinahanaiakamalama and how she left earth to take refuge in the mahina (moon). In one mana, she leaps from Puu Maelieli in Heeia, in attempt to escape her cruel and abusive husband. It was on the night of Lono, and as she jumped, he grabbed her leg and pulled it off, leaving it muku (amputated), hence the name Lonomuku. From her leg grew the uala (sweet potato), a kinolau of Lono. Other accounts explain that in the moon, Hina found a variety of  uala called hualani (fruit of heaven) that was her nourishment there, from which comes the name Hinahanaiakamalama, or Hina nourished by the moon. Safe in her silvery home, Hina pounds her kapa and sets the rhythms for planting, fishing, and many other aspects of Hawaiian life. Each mahina (night of the moon) has a name and these are usually consistent across our various aina. The malama (months), however, differ between islands and even districts, as each locality has its own unique aspect, weather patterns, geography, and assemblage of plants and animals. Our kupuna were in constant conversation with the mahina, developing specialized local knowledge through observation and practice over time.