Hui Aloha Aina a Na Lede Hawaii | Tee - ALL SALES FINAL

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100% organic cotton | Designed in Hawaii | Made in the USA

It's December 11, 1897. A massive tent awash in fragrant mountain greenery stands proudly in the yard of Dr. Makapine's house, just Waikiki side of Washington Place. Elaborately decorated tables boast the best of the islands: lei of maile, lehua and hala, Hilo's finest weaving, and a sumptuous banquet. The leaders of the the Women's Patriotic League (aka Hui Aloha Aina o Na Wahine Hawaii) attend to the tables and the many guests who have purchased tickets to this benefit feast, one of the Hui's many efforts to raise funds for the Hawaiian delegates who were in Washington DC at that very time, preparing to deliver the anti-annexation petitions for which the Hui had helped to gather signatures. This was how Hawaiians pushed back on both the illegal overthrow of the government in 1893 and the second attempt of the provisional government at an annexation treaty with America in 1897. The 38,000 petition signatures (Hui Aloha Aina and Hui Kalaiaina combined) made the wishes of Hawaiians known to America: restore our queen and our government. The sentiment of the Hui was the same in their song "Ka Lei o Ka Lanakila" (chorus shown on the back of this shirt) composed in 1896 for Queen Liliuokalani: Forward, O Hawaiian people, let our hearts be as one, that Hawaii may be ever glorious, wearing the garland of victory.