Public Land Trust - Hōʻeuʻeu | Unisex Tee

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100% Organic cotton | Unisex tee | Designed in Hawaiʻi nei | Made in the USA


Public Land Trust

E ka Hawaiʻi, if your naʻau tells you we are still a landed people, it is on point. Here’s the math to understand Hawaiʻi’s stolen (seized) lands: “crown lands” (ʻāina lei aliʻi) + “government lands” (ʻāina aupuni) = “ceded lands”, a misnomer that had to be dumped for “Public Land Trust” (PLT) because ceding lands requires a treaty and there wasn’t one (which is why your naʻau is right). The same occupier state that has seized and renamed the PLT (which includes Mauna Kea, Pōhakuloa, and UH campuses) has also excluded kingdom era knowledge from public education - knowledge that would help us understand the origins of these different lands and our relationship to them. ʻĀina lei aupuni: he lei aloha, mae ʻole i ka wela hainā o ka lā, e pili mau ana no nā kau a kau!