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He Hoʻoheno Ua | Women's Long Sleeve Shirt - ALL SALES FINAL

A huge squall sits offshore, a dense column of water connecting dark cloud to deep ocean, a mass of falling rain that when struck by the sun at the right angle, produces a glowing rainbow: ʻŌpiʻopiʻo ʻo Lono me he ānuenue lā - Lono arches like a rainbow. From steady showers that nourish newly planted ʻuala to heavy downpours, the rains in the winter months are animated by Lono. At Makahiki, this akua (god) moves into the space close to us and begins to drive the weather, while Kāne, with his gentler patterns, takes a sideseat. Both akua are embodied in lightning, thunder, rain and rainbows, but Lono's manifestations are more intense, especially his rains, which cleanse all that has built up during the time of Kū. This design depicts five rains not limited to, but frequently seen during the four months where Lono rules the weather: ke kualau (ocean squall described above), ka ua koko (a rain often seen over the ocean with a rainbow), ka uhiwai (heavy fog or mist), ka ua loku (heavy downpours), and ka lele ua (windblown rain, or rain that comes sideways). This is our hoʻoheno ua, our visual mele that pays tribute to the many beautiful rains our kūpuna recognized and to Lono's kinolau (multiple forms) seen in the weather during Makahiki. 

Gauzy woven cotton | Mother of pearl buttons | Designed in Hawaiʻi | Made in the USA

*ʻAUHEA ʻOE | NOTE: He kapa lahilahi kēia. This garment is made of delicate woven fabric that does not stretch.  This gauzy, loose weave should be worn and laundered with care. Wash in a mesh garment bag and line or flat dry. Shade variations, slubbing (knots, knobbles, intentional texture), and small imperfections are natural characteristics of the fabric and should not be considered defects. MAHALO