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Hīnano | Kahikikū Ahukai Tunic - White

Love dust. Passion pollen. Erotic ʻehu. How many monikers can you think of for the hīnano, the famous blossom and its potently perfumed pollen? From the fragrant bowers of Puna to the sea-drinking hala of Naue, this pua hanohano (glorious flower) and its scent were celebrated from one end of the island chain to the other. The hala tree (Pandanus tectorius) is dioecious, meaning male and female flowers are on separate plants. It is the male hala flower that yields copious amounts of the heady pollen we know as the original Hawaiian aphrodisiac. Not only is it aromatic, but it also has a very real effect when consumed or applied to certain parts of the body at, ahem, certain times. We heard one account of a man that kept this tantalizing pollen in a salt shaker on his bedside table and, consequently, always had a pack of ladies following him around. Before the days of salt shakers, it was sprinkled under malo as a talcum powder and used to scent kapa and different kinds of mats. The hīnano blossom is actually several flowers joined together, each sheltered by a cream colored bract (a leaf-like thing at the base of a flower). These fragrant bracts were woven into fine mats called puahala in some places (Puna and Maui were noted for their manufacture). As a metaphor for love, passion, and even status, hīnano is found in countless mele. Here is just one example: Naʻenaʻe ka hīnano ka hanu o ka makani - Fragrant is the hīnano, the breath of the wind. 

To be worn as a beach cover dress or stylish top | 2- pockets | 100% cotton | Eco-friendly | Designed in Hawaiʻi | Made in the US

Model wearing size: Small

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