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Pua Aloalo Dress - Grapefruit

One of few fragrant species of its genus in the world, Hibiscus arnottianus is found chiefly on Oʻahu in both the Koʻolau and Waiʻanae ranges. Flowers from this tree, also called pua aloalo, have elegant white petals and sexual parts that are an attractive and unmistakable bright pink. When in full bloom, it is hard not to notice these incredible blossoms as they decorate both the lofty branches of their trees and the forest floor, shamelessly attracting the eye and captivating the thoughts. If that isn't enough, their sweet scent is like that of no other flower - ʻaʻohe ona lua. Unfortunately the mesic to wet forest habitats that are home to this species are disappearing rapidly. Encroached upon by alien plants and animals, these habitats are highly threatened. Supporting conservation efforts in these habitats will help to ensure the survival of this species, one of Hawaiʻi's precious jewels.

He pua aloalo ʻaʻala ē - A fragrant hibiscus flower

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