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All Aloha Tee - Pō & Ao

This basic Black & White tee with our All Aloha logo on it celebrates the unique Pō & Ao All Aloha collection that we did especially for Makahiki 18/19 at The Kealopiko Shop. Handmade garments in black and white that celebrate the duality of dark and light. Mai ka pō mai nō nā mea a pau, a pēlā nō e ʻūlakolako ai ke ao - All things come from the generative darkness and that is how the waking world is furnished with all it needs.

About All Aloha: In the past, there was a large and thriving aloha wear industry in Hawaiʻi. Today it's hard to find a shirt or dress made on the shores of our islands, probably because business owners make a higher profit when their clothing is manufactured overseas in huge facilities. In that scenario, both owners and employees miss out on the beauty and pride of small-scale local production. At Kealopiko, we experience firsthand the satisfaction and fulfillment of the people who do the work because we do it with them. Our aloha wear is produced in small batches at our Molokai workshop, where ladies from the island dye and print each piece of fabric by hand and with love, producing one-of-a-kind garments. When you choose Kealopiko All Aloha wear, you support local art and manufacturing, you help to provide jobs for Molokai residents (and employees throughout Hawaiʻi), and you dress yourself in truly Hawaiian designs. You won't find pineapple or ginger on our version of aloha wear. Our artwork that pays tribute to the plants, animals, people, language, and history unique to these islands. E ʻaʻahu nō a hoʻohanohano i ka ʻāina nei - Wear it and honor this place! 

*This tee runs small, so we recommend going up one size from your normal.

100% organic cotton | Designed in Hawaiʻi | Made in the USA