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Ānuenue Keiki Tee

Few things delight and inspire awe in the specific way that a rainbow does. Is it their unexpected appearance or their general magnificence that makes us pause and stare in appreciation? In Hawaiʻi, aliʻi (chiefs) were likened to these exquisite celestial phenomena and it's easy to understand why the metaphor fits. As earthly manifestations of the divine, chiefs were exalted and placed above, metaphorically, in the same lofty heavens that give us sunlight, moonlight, clouds, rain and mist - the glorious ingredients of rainbows. Ānuenue is a generic term for rainbow, but our kūpuna named several types of rainbows, each with their own specific character. According to Joseph Nāwahī the names piʻo mōʻī and piʻo aliʻi for the inner and outer arch of the double rainbow, respectively, relate to the position of chiefs in heiau during ceremony, with the ruling chief inside the main part of the heiau and the other chiefs outside of that. The other ānuenue featured here are: hakahakaea, a rainbow with lots of green, kāhili, a standing rainbow segment and leho pulu (a.k.a. uakoko), a low-lying rainbow. 

Organic cotton tee | Lightweight and loose-fitting | Designed in Hawaiʻi | Made in the USA