Lahi Dress - ʻUpena

Kealopiko ALL Aloha is a line of clothing made entirely in Hawaiʻi. They are one-of-a-kind pieces that cannot be replicated. The product you receive may be slightly different than the featured product photo because each piece is unique! These garments are made of 100% thin, soft cotton, so please care for them gently (machine wash, line or tumble dry). All Aloha apparel is filled with aloha from Molokai.

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100% gauzy woven cotton | Hi-Lo dress | Single pocket | Designed and manufactured in Hawaiʻi

Please note: the first photo is a shot of the product available for purchase. Additional photos show the product on body, but differ in design and color.

ʻAUHEA ʻOE | NOTE: He kapa lahilahi kēia. This garment is made of delicate woven fabric that does not stretch. This gauzy, loose weave should be worn and laundered with care. Wash in a mesh garment bag and line or flat dry. Shade variations, slubbing (knots, knobbles, intentional texture), and small imperfections are natural characteristics of the fabric and should not be considered defects. MAHALO