Limu 'Ele'ele | Traveler's Bag - white - *ASF*

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100% Organic Canvas | Lined | Leather Accents | Zipper Closure | Pockets | Long Crossbody Strap | Designed in Hawai'i | Made in the USA 

Limu 'Ele'ele
The lines full of motion that make up this design are our interpretation of the much sought after limu ʻeleʻele (Enteromorpha [Ulva] prolifera). People describe the way this limu sways and moves with the flow of the water to be like strands of waving emerald hair. Nā maʻawe māewa o ka wai kai - The swaying strands of the brackish water - is an ʻōlelo that speaks not only to the way this species moves, but also where it is found. Limu ʻeleʻele only grows where fresh and sea water are allowed to mingle, a perfect example of why streams are meant to flow uninterrupted to the ocean. Diversion and de-watering of streams and other waterways has reduced the overall amount of habitat where limu ʻeleʻele can grow. Poor water quality also hampers the ability of this species to flourish. These are reminders that how we care for both our oceans and fresh water resources affects our ability to have access to this particular food long loved by our ancestors. Despite its decreasing availability, those who can still get it today savor its wonderful flavor, whether alone or with modern foods such as beef stew. Our kūpuna also used limu ʻeleʻele as a poultice on the skin to treat boils and mixed it with limu pālāwai and salt to treat cuts.