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Full-time | 35+ hrs/week

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi

Compensation: $32.50/hr, hourly

Offered: June 2022

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General Summary:

The Oʻahu Operations Assistant will work with Kealopiko Inc. staff in reaching its goals and

objectives, specifically through working in the daily operations of the Oʻahu Office (Paiko) and

the Kealopiko Shop (South Shore Market, Ward Village) as needed. This is a flexible position

that will require openness and a willingness to learn and carry out a wide range of

responsibilities and tasks for both places, including:

Paiko Operations: Helping with daily operational needs of the company and communication

with Kealopiko staff in other Kealopiko Offices located on Oʻahu (brick and mortar store in Ward

Village), Molokai (Kealopiko Headquarters & Production Warehouse), Hawaiʻi (Sales &

Marketing) and Maui/Aotearoa (Language & Research).


For the Paiko office, duties include:

● Fulfill tasks delegated by the Oʻahu Operations Manager.

● Receive and inspect all products (knitwear and ALL Aloha garments) for damages before

placing them into active inventory

● Help to manage product inventory for all sales channels (wholesale, retail-online,

retail-store, and events/pop-ups)

● Assure that stock stays organized on shelves and the stock room stays clean

● Process and fill orders from the Kealopiko website and assist with customer email

inquiries related to orders and product exchanges

● Assist in building web shells for product releases

● Assist Sales and Marketing Manager in photographing products, staging photoshoots for

website and other media-based marketing needs

● Upload and post products (with correct inventory and images) to website

● Pick up and drop off ALL Aloha production items with seamstresses on Oʻahu, as

designated by the ALL Aloha Production Director

● Tag and label ALL Aloha products once completed by seamstresses

● Procure supplies for office

The Kealopiko Shop (TKS): The sales associate part of the position will require you to provide

excellent customer service, meet sales goals, and work effectively with the store managers, the

Oʻahu Operations Manager, owners and other employees.

Shop associated duties include:

● Help to organize TKS inventory at the Paiko Workshop.

● Assist Store Manager with refilling, stocking and packing store inventory, which involves

shuttling stock between Paiko and TKS

● Assist with any special events at TKS, especially pop-ups

● Fulfil FaceTime shopping appointments with customers

Shop employees must:

● Greet and treat customers with aloha at all times

● Provide a Kealopiko value-aligned experience

● Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through excellent service

● Demonstrate and share knowledge of our brand and products

● Help customers to locate merchandise, select the correct size in all body styles, retrieve

other sizes for them, and help them to feel comfortable and supported in their shopping

experience and in the Kealopiko store environment

● Cross sell products (example: suggest accessories to go with clothing or complimentary


● Remain knowledgeable as new products release and discuss available options

● Team up with co-workers to ensure proper customer service

● Fulfill any and all jobs the store managers assigns or requests help with


Physical Requirements:

❏ Must be able to sit and stand for extended periods of time

❏ Must be able to lift at least 50lbs

❏ Must be able to look at a computer screen for extended periods of time

❏ Ability to maintain a composed and professional demeanor within a flexible and (at times

noisy) work environment.

❏ Must be able to travel for certain job tasks utilizing various transportation methods.

Minimum Job Requirements:

❏ Kindness, thoughtfulness and Aloha.

❏ Working knowledge of personal computers (preferably Mac) with experience in the use

of Gmail, Drive, Google Sheets, Word and Excel.

❏ Comfortable with team-based work structure; ability to demonstrate flexibility on the job.

❏ Demonstrates initiative, is conscientious and provides complete follow-through on all

areas of responsibility.

❏ Understanding of and participation in the cultural values that the Company is founded


❏ Valid State of Hawaii Driverʻs license, clean insurance record and access to a vehicle in

good standing.



After the three month probationary period, employees are entitled to medical and dental benefits

(see Benefits Packet). Employees are entitled to Workmans Compensation and TDI. We also

offer Kealopiko products for self at cost and any for family/friends at the wholesale price.

Employee Conduct

Kealopiko operates on the foundational principle that business runs best when we treat each

other with aloha and respect. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every employee to contribute

to a positive work environment through cooperative and professional interactions with

co-workers, customers and vendors. This ties directly into the core values of our company,

which can be found in the Company Culture section of our Employee Handbook.



The employee is responsible for tracking the hours worked and submitting them to the

Kealopiko Accountant by the 15th and 30th-31st of every month. Payment will occur typically

3-5 days after the pay period ends, typically on the 4st and 18th of every month. A performance

evaluation will occur 90 days after employees start date, after the probationary period is

complete. At this point, Kealopiko has the option to terminate the employee if satisfactory

standards are not met during the probationary period. Otherwise, a performance evaluation will

be conducted after the first 6 months and then annually thereafter. If the employee or Kealopiko

would like to terminate the agreement a two-week notice is required.



Please submit your current resume (CV) and 3 references to Kealopiko via email

( Attention: Oahu Office Director by Oct 20th, 2020.

Applications will be processed quickly and followed with interviews. The desired start date is

November 1, 2020.