Kaʻilihiwa | Leather tote - 'Āweoweo - cognac - *ASF*

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Kaʻilihiwa - Leather goods by Kealopiko

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100% premium American-made leather with classic Kealopiko designs. Our leather goods will be by your side for years to come and can last for generations. These timeless pieces age beautifully, darkening naturally with use and exposure to light. Shading and nicks from original hides are the beauty marks that make each bag unique. 

*To care for your leather goods, wipe down with a clean dry cloth or a light leather oil or balm.

Vegetable tanned leather is better for people and the planet:

  • Vegetable tanning is done without toxic substances or heavy metals
  • Tannins are vegetable substances, safe for humans and the environment
  • Tannins are widely found in fruits, teas, red wine, etc.
  • Plant tannins are absolutely safe even for the most sensitive skin
  • Chrome tanned leather can give rise to hives or even allergic dermatitis
  • Byproducts of vegetable tanning can be reclaimed and made into building bricks
  • When disposed of, vegetable tanned leather does not release toxins or harmful chemicals into the environment

Tote Dimensions: measures 17.5" across 13.5" tall with 7" gusset at the bottom

Tote Details: Pocket inside