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Aloha & Welina

E na kini o ka aina, me oukou ka welina o ke aloha! Welcome to Kealopiko, purveyors of Hawaiian inspired clothing. The designs we create come out of our aloha for the natural, cultural and historical landscapes of Hawaii. They are based on native plants and animals, olelo Hawaii (Hawaiian language), our alii (chiefs and monarchs) and the moolelo (history) of our existence in these islands. They seek to inform and inspire, weaving together elements of both the past and the present. We also design with the beauty and comfort of your body in mind, choosing light, breathable fabrics that are a pleasure to wear and cuts that flatter all body types.

Our garments are designed locally and made domestically (using only water based inks and organic cotton when possible). Part of our mission is to give back to these islands we are so thankful to be from. We do this by donating a portion of our profits to organizations that support cultural education and environmental conservation in Hawaii.

The moolelo (story) of each design can be viewed on this website and also comes on a tag attached to your garment when you purchase it. We do this to honor the kupuna (ancestors and elders) who came before us, who first developed a relationship with these things, making it possible for us to understand and enjoy them today. We also do it to help you understand (if you don't already) the designs themselves as well as issues or challenges relevant to each one. We hope you enjoy them and we welcome any ninau (questions) or manao (thoughts, feedback) you may have.

E aahu mai a hoohanohano i ka aina nei!
"Wear it and honor this place!"

Our website is unable to support the use of diacritical marks, so you will not see okina or kahako here, but you will see them on the printed copies of our story tags. Mahalo

MAKAHIKI | Fall | Winter

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2013 LiquidSunshine Summer Pareu Look Book

2013 Ku Season Collection Look Book

2013 Early Summer | Ku Collection Look Book

2012 Makahiki Season Collection Look Book


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